He and she lived in the alley.

They stole the old food,

Lived for no good.

Fought wars for water,

Daily life to batter.

Took the black bags,

Picked the old rags.

Both turned twenty.

He chose a shotgun,

She moved to Michigan.

He learned the dollar gimmicks,

She mastered quantum physics.

He tells how to decapitate,

She deals how the light propagate.

Until one day they met on the subway,

Recoiled the wrapped up memories.

Narrated each other’s summary,

Tears rolled down of both their eyes.

She talked too little & swiftly left,

He didn’t move but sat and wept.

*Few years later *

Next to tens of lives shattered

He opened a charity,

Alas! Strange parity !

Miracle by a single conversation,

She witnessed the rare transformation.


Millions were fed out of nothing,

All the struggle, yes its worth it !